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I.T.D (Ikuta Toma Daily)

For The Most Charming Creature :)

Ikuta Toma Daily
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Ikuta Toma Daily welcomes you!PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THE RULES :3

1. Posts must include Toma in them.
2. Graphics/Screencaps/Scans/Fanfictions etcetera are allowed too.
3. Credit the scans but if watermark is included, no need to (unless the owner demands it).
4. No flaming of any sort!
5. Label Properly!
6. Pls. lock your entries.
7. ENJOY!~♥

A Toma-A-Day!♥
☇ This community contains daily dosages of Toma eyecandies. To see them, JOIN THIS COMMUNITY!♥

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Spread the Toma Love.♥

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